Jeff Joseph Law Firm - I paid attorney Jeff Joseph $1275 and was ripped off

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I met with Mr.Jeff Joseph on 8/6/2012 an INS attorney and he charged me a $157 Consultation fee ( a discount if I paid before meeting him) and we discussed a plea I took in 2011.

I asked him to help me in the INS consequences of such a plea and Mr. Joseph told me he needed a $1100 initial deposit. Mr Joseph told me if I made the deposit today he would apply the consultation toward my total deposit. So I paid him on the spot and several days later his assistant Mr Broge Large contacted me to met with him and said they cannot assist me in my matters and that I should seek help elsewhere.

They also claimed that the criminal lawyer was rude and they have avoided all contact with me.

They have refused to send me a refund or a bill statement and have abused their position of trust. I have been very patient and tried to contact them but to no avail please I ask you put this complaint in for me. Many of us immigrants try to find help and we trust the so called "Super lawyer" of our community to be abused and abandoned.

This is so hard on our families that are trying to live a safe life. The Joseph Law firm is a absolute rip and I am a victim of this unfortunate incident.

Avoid getting help from this firm, I have contacted The Colorado Supreme Court Attorney Advocacy and Better Business Bureau and even my Chase bank to get any or all monies returned.God Bless you all.



This infidel should be hanged!


Wow, I heard bad things about this law firm before, they should totally remove him from the super lawyer list. Sorry to hear what they did to you.


Waw I am so shocked to hear this as I was going to consult with this law firm thinking they would help me. No way now. Thank you for this information we should have more information before visiting a lawyer

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